Our Confrérie dedicates itself in promoting the truffle hunting dog in order to find perfectly matured truffles.

In Automn (the truffle season in Burgundy), you can admire the work of the dogs during the discovery days we are organising.

During the chapters, new members are introduced. After that, they could participate with their friends to our Burgundy truffle dinners in Automn.

The work of the dogs and visits:

In partnership with the Trois Rivières tourism office, you can come closer than ever to the “Truffe de Bourgogne” by going into the field with a dog and its owner. Then with a slide show you will learn more about the “Tuber Uncinatum”. And in the end, you will taste some truffled products.

“Les chapitres”:

In automn, you can be involved in our “chapitres”. During that particular moment, you will be able to become “Compagnon Fin Gourmet de la Truffe de Bourgogne”. You will be intronized by the “Grands Dignitaires”. Then a dinner dedicated to the truffle of Burgundy will take place. .

“Fête de la Truffe et des Papilles”:

During that event organised by the Confrérie with the support of the Trois Rivières tourism office, you will develop your senses: smell the truffle for exemple. You will also share experience with people who do enjoy their passion. Furthermore, by subscribing now, you can take part and taste the famous truffles “omelette géante”.

Dîner de Gala “La Table des Dignitaires”

The Grands Dignitaires invite you to join them in order to discover the interpretation of the “Truffe de Bourgogne” cooked by a chief, different each year. To be a part of that particular event, you have to wear your medal and being entitled Compagnon Fin Gourmet de la Truffe de Bourgogne.

Extraordinary Services :

La Confrérie is also involved in promoting gastronomy linked with the Truffe de Bourgogne.

  • By organising some “Chapitres” in other departments or countries.
  • By meeting other Confréries in order to exchange knowledge.
  • By getting involved in big manifestation such as the “Journées du Goût” or the “Foires Gastronomiques”.