Founded in 1994 by 9-truffle-afficionado, the headquarters are located at Is-sur-Tille (North of Burgundy). According to the Middle-Ages texts, this area has always been linked with truffles, beeing even at some time the main truffle-craddle for Kings in the kingdom.

Ipaniern later years, the business acumen of the more southerly truffle-producing region of Perigord overshadowed the truffle of Burgundy. Yet, our “Tuber Uncinatum” is very much appreciated by local gourmands who praise its unique taste which sets it apart from its Perigord cousin, the “Melanosporum”.


The traditional harvesting technique, known as piochage (digging), has harmed the propagation and cultivation of the Burgundy Truffle because it results in the harvesting of not only quality truffles but also specimens which are immature and of an unsuitable quality.

For these reasons, the members of the Confrerie, in signing the organization’s Charter, to harvest truffles solely with the help of specially trained dogs, known in Provence as Rabassiers. This method has numerous advantages :

  • Only perfectly mature specimens are harvested,
  • Truffles and truffle fields are left undisturbed,
  • The fostering of a unique and rewarding relationship between the harvester and his or her dog.

The planting of trees mycorhized or innoculated with “Tuber Uncinatum” is becoming more prevalent, as is that of trees mycorhized with “Tuber Melanosporum”.

Thus, it can be hoped that the Truffle of Burgundy will once again grace the tables of “fine gourmets” and regain the prominence it never should have lost.